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Film Maker Sound Engineer Indie Director General Media Producer Photography is my passion

About me



Video, audio and general media producer

I was born in March 1984 in Reggio Calabria, a beautiful city in the South of Italy and in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Ever since I was a teenager, my beloved grandmother made me love music, spent hours sitting beside to listen her playing the piano. That's why I'm passionate about music from a very young age. I still remember my first performance as DJ. I was just thirteen! I started my career very young and this allowed me to experience my passions and transform them into my work. Over the years I have studied photography, graphic and web design, programming, music technology and film making. In 2010 I founded my first company the "Real Fat Studio" and only a few years later together with other companies I founded a collective called "Tanto di Cappello Production" operating in the world of audio, video, graphics, architecture, structural and interior design , web and smartphone app architecture. Today I work with many companies around the world, some of whom have chosen me as their ambassador.


Video Making


The passion for arts has always characterized my soul. In 2010, customers in my recording studio started to demand new services. One of them: the production of music videos. Having studied photography at the University of Communication Sciences the challenge it was accepted and about a year later my company becomes a reference point for South Italy artists who get "360 degree assistance" for realizing their artistic projects. The demand for new services and the workload has grown a lot from that moment so in 2015, along with other companies, founded the "Tanto di Cappello Production" a collective operating in the world of audio, video, graphics, architecture, structural and interior design , web and smartphone app architecture.

Professional Audio


Over the years, thanks to the huge amount of live experience in pubs, squares, festivals and recording studios for many artists all around the world such as recording, mixing and mastering engineer, I've gained particular experience in relating, not only professionally but also in human terms, with people, artists and industry professionals. I'm able to use all the analog and digital audio technologies. I've experience in teaching area too acquired during the period of time between 2010 and today. My first audio company founded was the "Habana Recording Studio" which in 2010 became the "Real Fat Studio". Currently my skills also include soundproofing, acoustic treatment of materials, design acoustic environments and sound restoration.


Active now

The best aspect of my job is networking. From 2013 with my company I started to co-produce various art projects. Active projects right now are "Il Navigante del 3000" (a concept album with a movie project behind) and "ButtiMoltoBelli" (a web series)



It has been many years since, just twelve, I studied programming in Dos-area. In 2014, I expanded my skills by studying design and web architecture. I currently use these skills working with a team of other professionals in this industry



Joining my passion for videos with travel is one of the best things for my inner happiness. It's the mood of my life. Relate an event, describe the production chain of a factory, tell about a person's life through memories, "tell to the world" with simple words a company and how it works in its industry. Here some examples.


Today in the Facebook and Youtube era it's crucial for artists and bands have a high-quality music video that is able to excite the audience. My mission is to tell stories through pictures. Here some of the music videos I've worked with.


The world of communication has reached a level of maximum diffusion so the quality of the product sold and "how do you sell it" is crucial. Meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding market represents a constant challenge for those who want to remain anchored to their own style and tradition constantly renewing itself. Here some examples.


As technology passionate I have always tested all the tools that I have collected over the years and now I turned my passion into work. My communication skills are attested by the social activism that saw me protagonist of many interviews on TV, newspapers and online. So contact me to promote your brand. Click here to see my reviews.


Music is my life. Over the years I got to work with many (more or less) famous worldwide artists and this has enriched my skills and increased my "music conscience". I won awards as artist and mix engineer. This is why I consider myself a professional in this area. It's a great satisfaction for me to pick up the ideas of my customers and turn them into a song (all this thanks to a selected team of musicians of course).


As sound engineer I designed many rehearsal rooms, pubs, concert halls and theaters all around the South Italy. But my customers are not exclusively artists. I work as external expert with lawyers for phonometric surveys, transcription and eavesdropping. I provide advice for all types of business, designing soundproofing and acoustic treatment.











Maurizio Albanese
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